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If you're looking for a straightforward and simple-to-use anti-spyware tool, give Spyware Terminator a try. Not only does it scan your system for spyware and remove it, but unlike some other free anti-spyware software, it also stops you from getting infected in the first place.

Scans are fast and easy to customize, and you can create ignore lists, and can put potential infections into a quarantine before deleting them. The real-time protection includes a variety of shields for protection against several types of dangers, including Browser Helper Objects. It even includes protections for files such as .ini files.

Spyware Terminator is quite easy to use. Even if you already have an anti-spyware tool, consider adding this one as well--it's often a good idea to use more than one anti-spyware scanner, because no one tool usually catches them all. It's not a good idea to use more than one anti-spyware tool for live protection, but it's an excellent idea to use more than one for scanning. Spyware is slithery enough that it can slip past the scans of a single program, but has a hard time avoiding more than one.

Note: During the installation, you'll be asked whether you want to install the Web Security Guard Toolbar, a browser toolbar. Although it adds a few nice features, it also includes links to a variety of such items as maps, screensavers, and e-cards. So you may want to install Spyware Terminator without the toolbar. And if you do install the toolbar, when an option screen appears asking if you want to make your search provider and home page, you'll probably want to un-check those options. In addition, Spyware Terminator also gathers information about your Internet use, including IP address and browser type. The company claims that none of the information is used to personally identify you.

--Preston Gralla

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Spyware Terminator

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