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Note: This review addresses v4.0 of the software.

Think of it as being the Windows search applet on steroids: CloneMaster will search your hard drive, network drive, and removable drives (such as floppies, CDs and USB thumb drives), analyzing the files and pointing out any duplicates. It doesn't do this comparison just on the basis of filename: It looks inside the files themselves, so it can pinpoint different versions of files that may have the same name.

Although it does a job similar to the free version of DoubleKiller, it does a more sophisticated, byte-by-byte analysis (which the free version of DoubleKiller won?t do, but the Pro version will). This more in-depth search makes it much slower (nearly twice as slow as the free DoubleKiller in my test), but more likely to find if files are really duplicates. When it finds duplicates, you can preview the files, then decide if you want to delete them, move them elsewhere or leave them alone. But remember: not all duplicates are bad, and deleting all of them without considering which are needed may damage your system. This is a 30-day fully functional version, after which you have to register it for $40.

--Richard Baguley ptage

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder CloneMaster

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