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Think you deleted that file once and for all? Think again. When you delete files using Windows Explorer and even empty them from the Recycle Bin it is still possible to recover the file or some of its contents. Lavasoft File Shredder securely erases files or folders on your PC using a U.S. Department of Defense shredding algorithm--which includes seven rounds of overwriting to ensure files never come back to life. I liked the advanced features offered by Lavasoft File Shredder, which included special attention to the unique needs of those using Windows Vista.

Lavasoft File Shredder is easy to use. Just choose your files, tell the program to shred them, and "poof!" They are gone forever. Another nice feature lets you clean up your computing history. To use this feature, select "Shred all free space guide" and you can clean your computer of all old deleted files and folders still stored on the free space of your computer's drives. A Shred System Files feature will also delete temporary system files, Internet files, cookies, Windows temp files.

The Vista-compatible File Shredder program also takes on the unique needs of Vista users. In Vista when you need a previous version of a file or folder, right-click it in Explorer and choose Restore previous versions. Lavasoft File Shredder deletes all previous versions.

--Tom Spring

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Lavasoft File Shredder

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