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Scorched 3D

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Scorched 3D is the ultimate extension of Worms. You're still lobbing shots at each other, but Scorched has full-color 3D that extends to the rippling ocean waves and the gently falling snow. Full camera movement, zoom, and rotation let you scope out the enemy and catch all the action.

The game is completely modable, allowing you to create custom battle fields and cities just so you can blow them up. But best of all, cannon balls have evolved into missiles that screech toward their targets on tails of flame. The armament even includes multiple warhead rockets to spread the explosions over a bigger territory.

In true Worms tradition you can play by taking polite turns, sweating it out as your enemy takes his time calculating range and wind. But you can also engage other players over a network in a realtime, catch-as-catch-can battle. Who said the apocalypse wouldn't be fun?

--Ron White

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Scorched 3D

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