Poster Forge

Have you ever wanted to create your own movie poster for a joke gift? Or perhaps you'd like a custom-made motivational poster for your sales team? Poster Forge lets you create your own movie, motivational, or Old West "wanted" posters--for free.

The program is easy to use. Just open Poster Forge and select the type of poster you want--motivational, movie, or "Wanted"--load your image, and fill out the fields. You can specify your text's font and color, but the size is predetermined. You cannot resize or crop your photo within the program; this may require you to tweak your photo in an image editor until it is the right size for the layout you choose.

You can save your creations in .bmp, .jpg, .tif, .png, or .gif files and post them to the Web, or print them out. The program uses an included add-on called ProPoster to print your creations. Set the poster size (in millimeters, centimeters, or inches) and the program divides the image into single-page chunks to paste together if needed.

This software is free for noncommercial use, but it prints "Powered by Poster Forge" at the bottom of every poster. The $10 Professional version, available at Ronyasoft's site, removes the watermark but adds no additional features.

Poster Forge is a fun little photo tool for easily creating gifts and motivational posters. Teachers could probably put this freebie to good use in the classroom.

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