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If you've got a Trojan or other infection so nefarious that your anti-virus software can't remove it, give Trojan Remover a try. It promises to remove or disable malware that other anti-virus software can't touch. It also claims that it can remove any system modifications that the malware has made, even if anti-virus software can't do that as well. And perhaps most important of all, is that it says it can remove rootkits, malware that is typically hidden from anti-virus software and exceedingly difficult to remove.

Using Trojan Remover is quite simple. Run a scan, then tell the program to kill or disable any malware it finds. If it finds memory-resident malware, it will re-start your system if you tell it to, then disable the malware before Windows restarts, and kill it. Trojan Remover also keeps a log of its actions, so you can keep track of what it does.

Note: This program will not work with any 64-bit versions of Windows.

--Preston Gralla

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Trojan Remover

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