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Send smaller email or IM photo attachments without having to open up your photo editor.

Shrink Pic is a Taskbar application that runs in the background and detects when you're trying to send a photo as an email or IM attachment. When that happens, it intercepts the image and reduces its size (and optionally compresses the file) to speed up the transmission of the attachment. It's a useful accompaniment if you often send images taken with modern multi-megapixel cameras, and don't want the hassle of opening your photo editor to manually resize the image.

The product supports five of the most common image formats: JPEG, Bitmap (BMP), Portable Network Graphics (PNG), TIFF, and GIF (though the rationale for why you'd want to compress a GIF any more than it already is, eludes me). Optionally, the software can also further reduce the attachment size by compressing the photo, and for maximum compatibility, can be set to change the file format from any of the other supported formats to JPEG automatically.

--Andrew Brandt

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Shrink Pic

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