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The Restaurant

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If you're first in line, you become a waitress. The second person is the only customer. Simple animated 3D figures represent each player. Both of you can move around, pick up things, eat, and communicate by typing. As the waitress, I started out with the usual. "Your menu. Could I get you a glass of wine, yada, yada." Pretty boring, huh? But then I remembered, that?s a real human being behind that avatar. That means I could screw with him.

So I began dredging up Monty Python and Marx Brothers routines, describing the glories of a raspberry tart and then returning from the kitchen to tell him the cook had just eaten the last piece. This was great fun until the customer got sick of me and left early, apparently by just disconnecting because that aborted the game, and I never got my promised character analysis. No big deal. I?ve already been told I?m a smart-aleck.

--Ron White

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder The Restaurant

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