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Getting the band back together? Party invitations need a dash of rocker flair? TrueType font Fs Rivet looks like it was built out of scraps from Ozzy's costume fittings. Every shape in this 58-character set (all the numbers and capital letters, plus a few lower-case letters and some punctuation) sports at least one contrasting circle for a rivet-like effect.

Fs Rivet looks best at larger font sizes; below 22 points, it can be difficult to read. With its limited number of characters, Fs Rivet works best when you need a title or poster in all caps anyway. Use it correctly, and you can practically see the flames from the cigarette lighters reflected in the rivets.

Note: To use this font, unzip the folder and install the .ttf file in the folder C:\Windows\Fonts. Note that the font won't appear in Microsoft Office applications until you close and re-open them.

--Laura Blackwell

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At a Glance
  • PCWorld Rating

    Add riveting details (literally) to your words with this TrueType font.


    • Looks like it's made of scraps from Ozzy's costume


    • Below 22 points, it can be difficult to read
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