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In the age of Google we depend on our Web browsers--and on all the features which make them so efficient to use. Personal settings and data such as bookmarks, history, cookies, and saved passwords are essential to productivity. FavBackup recognizes the importance of such data and offers an easy and comprehensive way to back it all up. Perhaps even more useful, you can use the program to migrate settings to a browser on a different computer.

FavBackup requires no installation and has an intuitive UI, so getting started with this program should be quick. The "Backup" option allows you to choose which items you want to save for a specific profile, while "Full Backup" saves all settings for all profiles. FavBackup packages everything into a neat .dat file that is easily transported and stored. To import backed up settings, use either "Restore" or "Full Restore," and select a backup file.

The best thing about FavBackup is that it just works. The program does not complicate its simple function with confusing settings. It supports all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Flock, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. It backed up everything I threw at it, including things as obscure as Firefox spelling dictionaries. Many of us would go through quite a hassle to preserve our browser settings, but with FavBackup even the most casual of users will never have to rebuild their browsing environment from scratch.

--Gabe Gralla

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder FavBackup

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