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Note: This review addresses v1.1 of the software.

Songbird looks a lot like the iTunes player, but it has potential to do so much more. This open-source customizable music player can play multiple audio formats, including Apple FairPlay-encoded audio and Windows Media DRM files. You can customize your player with third-party add-ons that can change its appearance, enhance the built-in Web browser's functionality, extend playback capabilities, add music discovery features and more.

Songbird is missing some key components: CD ripping, video support, and universal iPod support (iPhones and Touch are not supported). You may not want to use Songbird as your primary music player yet, but it is definitely worth downloading and playing with its various add-ons. And keep an eye on its progress: Songbird's creators note that they are working on adding these missing features.

--Ginny Mies

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Songbird

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