NTI Shadow

Though the first version of Shadow wasn't ready for prime time (it missed backing up some files), subsequent versions have been relatively reliable. That said, I did manage to crash version 3 once this go round and during the initial baseline backup (copying everything the first time) it failed to back up its own locked log files, a failing shared by NTI's Backup Now! But open file backup isn't generally important when only backing up the My Documents folder?the most common scenario with CDP.

Shadow will back up files as they change, or at specified intervals, a nice option if you don't want the program interfering with CPU or disk intensive applications like real time video or audio recording. You can also save all revisions of a file, a specified number of revisions, or only the latest copy.

Shadow's interface is attractive and friendly, though I'd rather be able to specify multiple destinations for a backup job instead of defining multiple jobs to accomplish the same thing. But multiple jobs also give the program greater flexibility. Shadow lacks a true fully-integrated restore function though it does add an Explorer right-click menu option let you restore Shadow backup files to their original location or a new one.

--Jon L. Jacobi
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