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Windows Layout Manager (WiLMa)

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Windows Layout Manager (also known as WiLMa) is an app that allows you to manage the size, shape, and positioning of any and all windows on your screen to a fine degree. The most obvious use for this app is to set up your work environment exactly how you want it (perhaps on multiple monitors), then capture the window definition with Windows Layout Manager, then save the Layout with a name and description of your choice. Next time you go into work, simply fire up all your needed apps, open Windows Layout Manager, and click Apply. All your app windows are resized and moved exactly where you need them.

WiLMa's text-heavy interface may deter users who prefer an icon-based interface or something a little more graphical. Luckily, there are a few tutorials that run through the various drop-down menus and get a new user up and running quickly. One thing that it seems Windows Layout Manager should do, but doesn't, is open apps saved in a layout but not currently open. That is, if you apply a layout and an app in the layout is closed, it won't open it for you. Have all your needed apps open before running this.

Business users who use many apps and many folders and would like the resulting windows in a specific place every time will use Windows Layout Manager frequently. It saves a lot of time at the start of one's workday.

--Steve Horton

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Windows Layout Manager (WiLMa)

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