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From the company that brought you such creatively named titles such as "Alien Shooter" and "Alien Shooter 2" comes Zombie Shooter. I'll give you two guesses what the game's about. There are zombies. And you shoot them. How's that for a review?

Seriously, though, the "Shooter" games from Sigma Team aren't really about conserving ammo or carefully creeping around corners. They make balls-to-the-wall versions of Diablo. There's some Role-playing elements (you level up stats and your weaponry), but gameplay-wise, it's about as deep as a kiddie pool. And I'm okay with that. The game revolves around sweet graphics, satisfying sound blasts and then the ride is over. You could probably power through this game in a couple hours and walk away happy if all you're looking for is a straight up shooting game (other, less engaging modes exist if you're still hungry for blood). Hey, they pretty much tell you what's up in the title.

--Darren Gladstone

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Zombie Shooter

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