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One of the big trends lately is leveraging the data on the Internet, taking a bit from Column A and a bit from Column B. Movienizer is a powerful program which leverages the Net to give you a leg up in documenting your movie collection.

Much like EMDB, it connects to online databases to download information about a movie. You enter the title (Star Wars, for example), and it shows possible matches--pick the one you really want (the original, where Han shot first!), and it then gets all the pertinent data. And some pictures. And a whole lot more.

Movienizer isn't limited to one database, though. It comes with a huge built-in list of movie sites, and for those of you with eclectic tastes who enjoy watching grainy six-hour black-and-white films about people dying slowly of consumption, it includes many foreign language sites as well.

Beyond the simple look-up and download functions, Movienizer has many other features. One very nice one is the ability to add custom fields to your database. For example, I tend to rate movies as "Watch in theatre", "Buy it on DVD" or "Wait for Netflix". Movienizer allows me to add this easily as a field for each movie I add, so I can select for all of my "Buy on DVD" films. All of the other usual suspects are included--find all films starring a given actor, made in a given year, and so on.

I always admire a program that does things intuitively--the way you think they should be done. I decided to "Add Person": Harrison Ford. He was added. Then I clicked one of the movies he appeared in, and was given the opportunity to download that. I then clicked an actor from that movie, and downloaded him. My database grew rapidly and easily.

One important note: When I first downloaded and installed the program, the default database included custom fields which were, apparently, in a language my system did not support, causing some menu items to appear to be gibberish. Creating a new, blank, database (which all users will want to do anyway) removed this problem.

Note: This program is donationware. It is free to try, but the author accepts and encourages donations towards further development.

--Ian Harac

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Movienizer 2.2

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