WYSIWYG Web Builder

If you need to build a Web site, but don't have HTML editing skills you need, give WYSIWYG Web Builder 5.5 a test drive. While not as full-featured as something you'd get in Adobe's Creative Suite, you do get a fairly comprehensive tool that can be used to design and build Web pages for small businesses, bloggers, or personal homepages with an interface that's almost as easy to use as a word processor program.

As you're designing the pages, the editor displays the result as a browser would--that's the "what you see is what you get" aspect that gives the product its name. The WYSIWYG approach also permits you to see how your changes affect the way a page gets rendered immediately.

Some of the coolest features are available as plug-in downloads to enhance the product. Among these free extras are Javascript code and other applets that make adding features like an RSS feed or a blog almost as easy as a drag-and-drop operation.

--Andrew Brandt

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