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Macro ToolsWorks

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The program lets you create simple macros by recording your keystrokes-and mouse strokes, if you dare. There are dangers inherent in the fact that windows do not always pop up at the same screen location.

A lot of macro programs let you do slam-bam recording. Macro ToolsWorks makes your macros more powerful by providing simple programming commands you insert into your recordings to allow the use of variables, flow control, text manipulation, macro menus, Internet functions, and other commands that even a person who's a programming virgin can master before the honeymoon's over. With them you could, for example, create a macro to download a file, search for paragraphs with certain words, copy them to a word processor and send you an email to tell you it's done.

Use it a little, or use it a lot, Macro ToolsWorks makes your software work the way you think it should.

--Ron White

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Macro ToolsWorks

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