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Is your bulletin board a mess of overlapping notes to yourself? What about your monitor--covered with stickies? Do yourself a favor by giving this terrific task management program a try.

Power To-Do List lets you set up projects and enter individual tasks, or use a nifty Brain Dump feature to simply list everything on your plate, then assign the tasks to projects. If the default task properties don't meet your needs, you can rename two of them (Context and Assignee). Once you've entered your projects and tasks, you can view them in several different ways, including by project, importance, due date, next actions, and more. You can even add notes to each task and set reminder alarms.

This task manager is very easy to use, despite its wealth of features. Its interface is intuitive, and the Brain Dump feature is especially quick and easy. Power To-Do List would be just as useful for a busy sales manager as it would for an overscheduled editor or a harried parent.

After using the trial version for 15 days, you'll need to register it for $25. But Power To-Do List certainly seems worth the fee.

--Kim Saccio-Kent

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Power To-Do List

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