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The Monkeymen Calendar is ready-made for people who like to have an up-to-date printout of the month's schedule posted on the refrigerator or tucked in a sheet protector at the front of a binder. It's very easy to use (install the trial and you'll be able to watch a 90-second video tutorial). Type in your scheduled events for the month in question, add a few items to the to-do list, customize the overall look with a few clicks, and print it out. No fussing with templates or PowerPoint.

The calendar is visually appealing with a choice of 16 unique backgrounds (ranging from subdued steel-blue to high-energy monkey faces) and colorful "stickers" you can use to represent special events such as soccer games, birthday parties, and vacations. You can also custom-create your own stickers quite easily. You'll rely on those stickers, too, because the text you type in is quite small and somewhat hard to read. At least the To-Do List items are big and bold. A photo in the top right corner can be switched to one of your own, or to another of the stock images supplied by Monkeymen.

--Leigh Anne Jones

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Monkeymen Calendar

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