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Mystery Cookbook

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If you enjoy a good hidden object game and appreciate beautiful graphics, you'll like Mystery Cookbook. Search restaurants, dining rooms, and kitchens in beautifully realized environments for a variety of objects. There's an amusing back story woven in, involving a little mouse who wants to become a famous chef.

In addition to the usual laundry list approach, Mystery Cookbook mixes in outlines of the objects you need to find, adding an extra challenge. There are also several extra little puzzles, which, though fun, would have been nice to be able to skip if desired.

In all, Mystery Challenge is a thoroughly enjoyable game. The demo lets you play for 60 minutes, and the game costs only $20 to unlock. I'd say it's a good deal for hours of fun.

--Kim Saccio-Kent

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Mystery Cookbook

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