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Tzintar is based on Nine Men's Morris, a board game that's been played around the world for more than two thousand years. Unfortunately, in this version, the computer opponent's moves are devoid of strategy, so the best gameplay you can hope for is with a friend--perhaps a small child--sitting beside you.

Though the difficulty levels are marked Easy, Medium, and Hard, only the Easy level is playable. The other two levels are permanently grayed out. Strangely, after a game is won, the game prompts you to make a new move, though it isn't allowed or even possible.

Cosmin Smeu developed a 16-bit version of this game in 1997. A wish list of "plans for future versions" in the help file indicates that beyond updating it for 32-bit operating systems in 2000, he hasn't spent much time on it since. He's probably been busy with his flagship software products, Globex 3.0 and Globex Pro. Happily, there are many other interpretations of Nine Men's Morris around.

--Leigh Anne Jones

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Tzintar

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