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Do you have a scanner and a printer? Then you have a photocopier, too. Although scan-save-print is not a particularly difficult concept, nor one which requires its own software, it can be nice to have an all-in-one program that handles every step of the process. Photocopier Expert 7 is just such a program.

Using Photocopier Expert 7 is simple. It detects installed compatible scanners, and you need only click the 'scan' button to bring the image in to the program for editing. (Or, you can eliminate the middleman and click 'Photocopy'.) Fortunately, Photocopier Expert 7 goes well beyond this basic level of functionality, if you want it to. If you have a TWAIN-compliant scanner (most scanners are), you can set up an entire set of operations (scan with certain parameters, print with certain parameters) to be associated with a press of a button on the hardware.

You can specify different hardware for the scanner and printer--for example, I have two printer/scanners. One is a flatbed which is part of a color inkjet, the other is a black and white laser printer with a form-feed scanner. They have different native software programs and are useful for different tasks. Photocopier Expert works as a "master control panel," allowing me to easily scan from one and print to another. It also has a queue feature, letting me scan multiple documents, work with each one individually, and then print them. The more complex your printer and scanner setup, the more the worth of Photocopier Expert over the default included software increases. Likewise, if your scanning/printing needs are very minimal, it becomes harder to justify buying a third party program to replace what came with your hardware.

Note: This program is priced in Euros. The price given here is in U.S. dollars based on the exchange rate when this review was posted.

--Ian Harac

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Photocopier Expert

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