Was Twitpic Founder's Arrest Tale a Naked Fabrication?

So if we're to believe the man's own Twitter account of what happened, Twitpic founder Noah Everett was arrested for walking down the street buck naked, yet when placed in the back of a squad car--presumably handcuffed--he managed to whip out his, uh, mobile phone, snap a picture of the cruiser's interior, and post this "proof" of his predicament to the Internet using--what else?--Twitpic.

Your first question might be: How'd he do all that while handcuffed?

Mine was: Why does a guy who's out and about the neighborhood for a little naked time bother to lug along his phone?

And now the real question is how much if any of this actually happened, given that a Charleston, S.C. television station bothered to contact the cops, who say they didn't collar any naked guy. In a story posted within the hour, Live5News.com reports: "Charleston police spokesman Charles Francis said that Everett was not arrested by Charleston police."

Since Everett has 2.8 million followers on Twitter, his self-reporting of his alleged arrest sparked a flurry of Internet chatter and news reports, the vast majority of which seemed to take his account gleefully and at face value. In the wake of all that attention, one of Everett's tweets--where he stressed that he was totally naked when apprehended--has gone missing.

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