30 Days With the iPad

30 Days With the iPad: The Complete Experience:

Day 1: 30 Days With the iPad

Day 2: Choosing the Right iPad

Day 3: Setting Up and Using Email

Day 4: Hiccups and Pet Peeves

Day 5: Does the iPad Need Adobe Flash?

Day 6: iOS Multitasking

Day 7: Social Networking on the iPad

Day 8: Managing Contacts on the iPad

Day 9: To-Do Lists and Task Managers

Day 10: iPad 2 Just Keeps Going and Going

Day 11: Using a Physical Keyboard With the iPad

Day 12: Taking Care of Business on the iPad

Day 13: Streaming Data on the Go

Day 14: Printing from the iPad

Day 15: Working With Files on the iPad

Day 16: Setting Up My iPad Workstation

Day 17: The Wonder That Is AirPlay

Day 18: Connecting to a PC From the iPad

Day 19: Gaming on the iPad

Day 20: Music, Movies, and Books (Oh My!) With the iPad

Day 21: Apple App Store Annoyances

Day 22: Pictures and Photo Editing on the iPad

Day 23: Using the Front-Facing Camera on the iPad 2

Day 24: Securing and Protecting the iPad

Day 25: Can a Business Replace PCs With iPads?

Day 26: Adding It All Up

Day 27: How Will iOS 5 and iCloud Change Things?

Day 28: My Five Biggest iPad Complaints

Day 29: Five Things I Like Most About the iPad

Day 30: The Verdict--Can an iPad Replace a PC?

At a Glance
  • The iPad 2 remains a solid choice, thanks to its lower price and strong app choices. Read the full review


    • Slimmer design with curved edges is easier to hold
    • Comparatively light at 1.3 pounds


    • Tediously slow to charge
    • Relies on PC link to iTunes for updates, backups

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