Apple iPad, Day 4: Hiccups and Pet Peeves

I haven't taken the time to try to really troubleshoot these issues, so I am not sure yet whether the problem is the iPad, the Google Docs / Office 365 service itself, or something I have configured in a funny way or that I am doing wrong. I'll try to figure that out over the next few days.

I thought I would just write my article using Pages, then paste it into the PCWorld tool and add my links there after the fact. But, I discovered that the PCWorld tool won't let me paste the content. I can work with the tool up to a point, but the main window where the body of the article goes will not allow me to paste the content copied from Pages.

Google Docs
In theory, a tool like Google Docs should solve my problem, but it seems to have issues of its own.
Then it occurred to me to try it in reverse--actually write the content within the PCWorld tool in the first place, then copy and paste that content into Pages so I can save my copy for my personal archives. No can do. I still had an issue with that main content window. I can add and edit text in a variety of other fields, but in that main window it won't seem to recognize it as a text entry field. The virtual keyboard doesn't appear and there is no way to work with it. The icons on the menu for the window don't show up either, which would make it difficult to add links or images, or make text bold or bulleted, and so forth.

So far, it seems that working with the iPad is a little like working with Ubuntu Linux. It does some things very well, but it also just doesn't work nicely with some things. In those instances, there are most likely solutions or workarounds if you are dedicated and resourceful enough to find them. The question--which we will hopefully answer by the end of the 30 days--is whether or not it is worth that extra effort. Hopefully, after some initial hurdles and a little learning curve, things will work more smoothly.

Some of the issues I am encountering are not a function of Apple, or the iPad itself. Some may be blamed on PCWorld, or Google Docs, or Office 365, or whatever. The issues I have with the PCWorld tool are probably the fault of the PCWorld tool, and I will address them with the PCWorld developers to see if they can be fixed. Ultimately, though, it all affects the ability to use the iPad as a primary computing device in place of a traditional notebook, so the blame is sort of irrelevant.

Perhaps there are some things here that Apple can put on the iOS 5.1 list--or at least iOS 6.

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