Nyan Cat Invades Windows 7, Dances Along Progress Bars

The Internet loves cats. So it was no surprise to see the ever-so-trippy Nyan Cat become an instant Web hit. Now, riding on the rainbow of its meme success, you can get a custom Nyan-inspired progress bar for your Windows 7 PC.

The little app created by Ben Stone is appropriately known as the Nyan Cat Progress Ba. The program makes light of waiting times and sees the loveable Pop-Tart cat dance along your desktop each and every time you transfer a file. The cool download is a modification of one of Ben's earlier programs, called Instant Elevator Music.

The Instant Elevator Music program automatically plays a music file when a user is transferring a file or loading something. So, as you may have guessed this new mod sees the now web-famous cat dance along the progress bar with the Nyan Cat music playing as the process carries out. Check it out in action:

Ben detailed on his website that the idea to create a Nyan Cat progress bar came about due to a post on Reddit. The Reddit thread, which asked for such a mod to exist, inspired Ben to modify his aforementioned existing program, as that already does a lot of the required functionality.

You can download the Nyan Cat Progress Bar for yourself; however, remember that this little mod works only with Windows 7 machines.

[via Technabob]

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