Crushing tanks! A full-size Batmobile! Life-sized monsters! The craziest sights of E3 2014

We hit the show floor at E3 2014, looking for unusual sights and sounds at the annual gaming expo. And we weren't disappointed.

e3 outside
Banner day

The entrance to E3 is marked by 40-foot-tall banners hawking the latest games. Yup, this is the right place.

e3 mural
Just a little touch up

In the hours leading up to the start of the show, a team of painters put the finishing touches on a PlayStation mural outside the entrance.

e3 xboxplaystation
Xbox vs. PlayStation: The sequel

Xbox and PlayStation face off again, with neighboring booths. Just like last year.

e3 lines
Lines, lines, everywhere the lines

Throngs of gamers line up at the Los Angeles Convention Center, waiting for the doors to open.

e3 mario
Mama mia!

Poor Mario. It doesn’t feel so good when someone else whacks you on the head with a hammer, does it?

e3 fizzie
I'm Fizzie from Sunset Overdrive, AMA

An absolutely enormous inflatable Fizzie, corporate mascot from Sunset Overdrive, greets showgoers in the south lobby of the convention center. You can ask it questions at a mic on the floor below, and it will answer you in a cute, squeaky voice through nearby speakers.

e3 batman
Brooding and blocky


e3 batmobile
Your chariot awaits

A nearly full-sized Batmobile from Arkham Knight, in tank mode, greets visitors to the Warner Bros. booth.

e3 evilwithin
Lights, tricks, and the true evil within

Bethesda’s clever The Evil Within display plays with light to show you that the real evil within is… a tortured mind.

e3 wargaming
The tanks are coming out of the WALLS

Wargaming has a tank crashing through its booth. Because World of Tanks.

e3 starwars
It's a trap

It wouldn’t be E3 without Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper standing next to a giant pair of headphones. Because…um… Star Wars?

e3 rabbid
Because raving takes a lot out of you

This poor little Raving Rabbid just wants to you have a seat next to it and take a load off.

e3 fancydress
Not your normal booth babe

And the award for “Booth babe with the most clothes on” clearly goes to Ubisoft’s French Aristocrat. It’s a shame the game she represents is all about, well, murdering her.

e3 evolve
What exactly did that evolve from, again?

A life-sized monster from Evolve, standing 20-feet tall, kind of makes you wonder why anyone would want to play one of the four regular human hunters out to get him.

e3 destiny
Destiny foreshadowed?

You can get your photo taken sitting on a speeder bike from Destiny. There was no line. I’m not sure if that says anything about Bungie’s upcoming shooter, or if it’s just because of the display’s location outside the main conference hall.

e3 crushtaxi
Tank wins

The urge to slap an “Uber” sign on the big tank crushing the taxi out in front of the convention center was almost overwhelming.

e3 handsomejack
How can you resist that face?

I believe showgoers are meant to pose with Handsome Jack so it looks like he’s choking and shooting them, but nobody seemed interested.

e3 forza
Stationary speed

Everybody loves a cool car. There was a constant mob of people taking pictures of Forza Horizon 2’s Lamborghini Huracan. It’s not every day you come across a quarter-million-dollar ride.

e3 morpheus
Test driving virtual reality

Gamers lined up to test out Sony’s Project Morpheus VR demos. The hardware is the same as revealed at the Game Developers Conference a few months ago, but the demo experiences are new.

e3 amiibo
Nintendo <3 Skylanders

The quality on the Amiibo pre-production figurines is really high. I’m skeptical about the final product being so well-crafted.