Wearables Right or Wrong? It’s good news that Tim Cook isn’t masterminding the iWatch

It would be overkill—gross, excessive overkill—to say I never met a wearable I didn’t like. But I can honestly say I never met a wearable I didn’t like talking about. Because the sheer range of these gadgets is thrilling. Some show incredible promise, and that’s exciting. But others are so silly, you can’t believe they ever made it past the cocktail napkin stage.

And that’s exciting too. Because train wrecks, perversely, are exciting.

In Episode 6 of Wearables Right or Wrong? I dig into Tim Cook’s role in iWatch development, a new mental health-focused wearable called Spire, and Google’s inevitable Android Wear news at Google I/O next week.

Speaking of which, I’ll be busy covering Google I/O all next week, so Wearables Right or Wrong? will take a one-week hiatus. But I’ll still be posting wearables-related videos, so make sure to follow @JonPhillipsSF for updates. 

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