Report: Google Play Games to add quest and level-up notifications, 'snapshots'

Credit: Florence Ion

As more and more interesting titles arrive on the Google Play store, Google continues to ramp up Android's gaming efforts.

Android Police reports that Google is beefing up its Google Play Games platform with more goodies, like the ability to notify players about when new quests are available, and notifications about when a user has leveled up. This could be handy for all sorts of games that are increasingly being viewed as "services", with changing goals and challenges. 

The report also alludes to a feature called “Snapshots” that would help make saving a game easier, possibly by making it simpler for developers to include elements like checkpoints and cloud saves.

The Google Play Games platform has been effectively “under construction” for the last year or so, but the features added to it since its launch have been a boon for Android gamers. Previously, only Apple’s iOS offered a portal of sorts where users can hook up and play against one another, but Google’s built-in API for Android developers makes it an easy plug-in for any game developer.

Be sure to follow our Google I/O coverage this week for more information on Android’s new features.

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