Jordan to Build $1.5 Billion Star Trek Theme Park

There are plenty of die hard trekkies out there, willing to spend a fortune on their (understandable) obsession but this one really takes the cake. King Abdullah of Jordan, who was once an extra on Star Trek: Voyager, has apparently just committed $1.5 Billion to building a Star Trek theme park in the gulf state.

The park will be powered entirely by renewable energy and will educate patrons about eco-friendly practices such as graywater harvesting. The park will be in the coastal region of Aqaba and will span over 180 acres of land. A 4-star hotel will be on the site as well as 17 distinct entertainment zones. Here's hoping one of those sites is a holodeck.

Geeky mecca or waste of money? Use the Comments!

[via Inhabitat]

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