3DS Price Drop Comes Early, Still Allows 20 Free Games

3DS Price Drop Comes Early, Still Allows 20 Free Games
The recent 3DS price drop (from $250 to $170) may have been one of the quickest course corrections Nintendo has made in quite some time, but they were equally quick to cool the potential ire of early adopters: anyone who already owned a system and connected to the system's eShop before Aug. 11, would get 20 free games.

Well, now it looks like you have a brief window to get the best of both worlds: a cheaper system and the free games.

Wal-Mart retail locations said they would start to sell the system at a discounted price (instead of Nintendo's recommended date of Aug. 12), and that's been confirmed by users on multiple message boards, including Cheap Ass Gamer.

If you've been waiting for the lower-priced 3DS, there's not better time than the present to buy one; this opportunity to get 20 free games on the discounted system won't last long.

(via 1UP)

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