Giant iTablous iPhone Works, Makes Useful Interactive Table

Have an iPhone and love it, but find the touchscreen keys a pain to type with? It is pretty annoying that you can end up hitting the wrong keys in a message (sometimes causing autocorrect to go haywire), but would you want an iPhone bigger than your pocket that isn't an iPad? There's always iTableous, the working iPhone the size of a table.

The iTableous by Benjamin Bachmeier of Germany has a 40 inch screen, and looks exactly like a blown up iPhone 4--even the home button works. As well as being a table, iTableous has proper HD TV (via BVD-T), a DVD player, a mini-ITX board with dual boot option (Windows 7 or OSX Snow Leopard), a sound system, HD camera and microphone, USB and Line In ports and a connection for actual iPhones.

Of course the downside is that it isn't running actual iOS and, even stranger, it currently has no multitouch functions--to control you have to use a wireless keyboard and mouse. Plus, the video quality is poor. While a few of the features are in alpha and will see improvements, this will be the only model Benjamin intends to ceate, which is a shame. It would have been cool to see this table with working multitouch functionality!

Check out the video below to see the table doing its thing:

[Benjamin Bachmeier via Gizmodo]

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