Gliffy Snaps Out Spiffy Charts With Ease

I don't have to make all that many charts in my daily work, but every now and then some project I'm working on demands a quickie flowchart or Venn diagram, and I never seem to have the right software on hand for the job. That's where Gliffy comes in. This handy little web app lets you whip up all kinds of charts on the fly, without forcing you to buy any high-end software to do it.

Gliffy does lots of different types of charts, including Venn digarams, org charts, flowcharts, SWOT analysis grids, network and UI diagrams, software design diagrams, floor plans, and business processes. If you just want to give it a try, you can take it for a whirl without signing up for anything. Just click the Try It Now button at the top of the page.

If you sign up for a free account, you get the ability to save five diagrams with 2MB of storage, on the condition that whatever you create is public. If you want to save more diagrams than that, or need more storage and some privacy, a $4.95 monthly plan bumps you up to 200 diagrams and 200MB of storage with the ability to make your work private.

Compared with expensive desktop apps like Visio, Gliffy is pretty great. It's cheap, and its interface is dead simple. If your work doesn't demand constant offline access to your diagramming software and you just need to make a few charts once in a while, this little web app is good enough to warrant a test drive, and might even woo you into to giving up your desktop app.

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