Google+, Day 19: Sharing Photos and Videos in Google+

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Photos of You

This section of the Google+ Photos page is supposed to display photos of me, but when I first clicked on it the library was empty. I have posted a number of photos of myself--wearing different hats and holding different coffee mugs, but none of them appeared here.

I quickly figured out the problem. This link shows photos that have been tagged as me. Obviously, just because I post a photo of me doesn't mean Google+ knows that it’s a photo of me. I have to tag the photo to identify its connection with me, then it shows up here. Other photos from my Circles and Google+ that are tagged with my Google+ Profile will also show up here.

Google+ makes it pretty easy to share photos and videos on the Web or from your smartphone.
Your Albums

The photos in Your Albums are broken into different collections--or albums. I can view the photos that I have shared in my own posts, the photos that I have used as profile photos, photos I have made available as scrapbook photos, and then I have one other folder that contains photos I have not shared and that only I can see.

One thing to keep in mind about Google+ Photos is the integration with Google's Web-based photo sharing service--Picasa. If I visit Picasa, I see the same four albums with the same photos that are displayed under Your Albums in Google+.

I can control who I share my photos with, but once I share the photo I lose control of it. Those I have shared the photo with can tag the photo and share the photo with others. Anyone the photo is shared with can also see who else the photo is shared with, and anyone who is tagged in a photo will receive a notification and be able to see both the photo, and the related album it is a part of.

Photos from an iPhone

Google+ Photos does not have the same automated integration from an iPhone as it does from an Android smartphone, but I can still use the Google+ app on the iPhone to my advantage.

The photos I take on the iPhone don't get uploaded to Google+, but I can either post photos from the iPhone photo library to Google+, or take photos from within the Google+ app that are then posted to the social network.

I can choose which Circles to share the photo with, so I created an empty Circle called "iPhone Photos". By posting photos to the "iPhone Photos" Circle, I am uploading them to Google+ and adding the pictures to my Google+ Photos albums (and--by extension--Picasa) without actually sharing them with anyone. It also gives me that same benefit of having a backup of my photos in the event that my iPhone is lost or stolen.

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