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Square vs. Intuit GoPayment: Mobile Credit Card Systems Compared

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At a Glance

If you're a small-business owner or you simply need a better, cleaner way of accepting payments, this is the service and device for you.

Price when rated: Free


  • Small enough to carry in your pocket


  • Some of the older models have issues with the iPhone 4

At a Glance

The GoPayment system is great on its own or added into an existing Quickbooks based accounting structure. The higher volume rate plans are the best on the market. Just make sure you have a supported smartphone or tablet, as hardware support is more limited.

Price when rated: free


  • Better fee structure for higher sales volumes
  • Longer swipe area makes it more sturdy
  • Encryption on the device


  • Shorter list of supported hardware
  • Complicated account set up process
  • Quirky receipts and some odd workflows
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