Turn That Dog Poop to Ash With the Ashpoopie

[Photo: Ashpoopie]
Tired of sending bags of dog poop to the dump? Hoping to be a little more environmentally friendly? Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientist Oded Shoseyov has invented a new pooper-scooper contraption that not only takes care of your dogs business, but also turns it to ash in some kind of chemically induced incineration.

All you have to do to earn the super-awesome title of " the poop incinerator" with your neighborhood kids is push a button and watch your new AshPoopie begin the scoop process. Hit a second button to scoop the poop, and then let the Ashpoopie work its magic and turn the poop into sterile ash.

How awesome is that? You probably don’t believe us, so here’s a video to satisfy your curiosity.

Forgetting for a moment that you need to replace cartridges in the AshPoopie from time to time, which ultimately will end up in a landfill, and forgetting for a moment that you have to walk around with an incineration cane every time you take your dog for a walk, I think this is the perfect solution. I’ve always wanted to incinerate dog poop on command.

[AshPoopie via Cnet]

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