Finally, Some Privacy! Cool LCD Monitor Hack Helps Keep Your Secrets

[Photo: dimovi on Instructables]
Prying eyes at work? Want some privacy at home? If you have had enough of others peering over your shoulder, looking at your computer screen and judging you for looking at Facebook, LOLcats, or an um, “inappropriate” website, hack yourself a privacy monitor. For little up-front cost, you can have a computer monitor that, along with special glasses, allows only you to see what’s on the screen. Everyone else will just see a white blank screen.

This awesome and easy hack came to me from Instructables member dimovi. Basically, you take a LCD monitor apart and extract its polarized film. The film then goes into a pair of old glasses and voilà, you have a privacy monitor that looks normal with your snazzy new glasses and blank to everyone else.

This would be a great mod for a laptop, to protect your privacy when you are out and about without buying a screen cover. Though, I’d test this out on a few old monitors before I take apart my precious laptop.

I can definitely see the appeal of this for home, especially if you have noisy roommates or child around. At the office you’d definitely have a cool monitor that might make your co-workers jealous, but I’d wager you won’t win any brownie points with your boss.


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