12 Valuable Tools for Managing Business Macs

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Mac support tool No. 6: Flexera

Flexera offers software and license management solutions. For Mac systems, it supports software distribution, auditing, and license management. It also supports these and additional features in Windows and Unix environments, including Windows 7 migration and virtualization tools.

Mac support tool No. 7: Puppet

Puppet is a multiplatform IT automation suite. For Mac management, Puppet offers remote discovery of Mac systems and configurations, as well as centralized system administration and software update distribution. It also offers public/private cloud management and policy compliance solutions.

Mac support tool No. 8: Faronics Deep Freeze for Mac

Deep Freeze is a well-known product for ensuring consistent configuration of systems by reverting PCs to a specified state at each reboot. The Mac version doesn't include a centralized administration solution, but can be managed remotely via SSH or remote management tools such as Apple Remote Desktop or the remote management features of other suites in this list.

Mac support tool No. 9: Dell's Kace

Kace offers a range of network appliances that support Windows, Linux, and OS X. These appliances can be used for network-based system discovery and inventory/asset management, software distribution and patch management, and some limited policy management. Kace appliances also include a help desk module.

Mac support tool No. 10: Quest

Quest provides a number of enterprise management solutions for technologies such as Active Directory, Exchange, server and cloud virtualization, and network security. Quest offers a Group Policy for Mac feature that, like Centrify's Direct Control, extends Active Directory and the standard group policy tools to include Mac-specific policies based on Apple's Managed Preferences architecture.

Mac support tool No. 11: Symantec's Altiris Client Management

Part of Symantec's broad range of enterprise IT management suite, Altiris Client Management supports Windows, Linux, and Mac end-user systems. For Mac systems, it supports system discovery and inventory/asset management, monolithic system imaging, software distribution and patch management, and remote control of systems for end-user support.

Mac support tool No. 12: Absolute Manage

Absolute Manage is a suite that focuses on complete lifecycle management for PCs, Macs, and iOS devices. For Macs it offers inventory/asset management, monolithic system imaging, software deployment and patch management, license management, and security/system change management.

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