2 Billion Mobile Devices to Ship in 2016

It probably surprises no one to hear that the world is going mobile, but the sheer size of this market has been difficult to truly fathom.

Market analyst firm Jon Peddie Research recently gave this space some more clarity with a report analyzing our beloved mobile gadgets and the semiconductors behind them.

Looking ahead five years to 2016, Peddie’s research shows steady growth in the mobile market until we hit 2 billion devices shipping that year, up from about 1.5 billion today.

That year’s total mobile product sales tally is likely to look a lot like this:

  • 750 million smartphones
  • 869 million other phones
  • 300 million tablets
  • 100 million e-book readers
  • 91 million handheld game systems

That’s a monumental amount of gadgetry, but the numbers are actually a bit surprising. Namely they show that no one market category is likely to cannibalize any other. The figures show solid growth for four of the five categories analyzed; even mobile game consoles, widely thought to be on their way out as tablets and smartphones prove they have gaming muscle, show a cumulative annual growth rate of 42.5 percent from 2010 to 2016.

The only category likely to shrink is the “other phones” market, as the world increasingly turns to more capable smartphones, which are predicted to grow 20.2 percent over the period analyzed. (Portable media players are also likely to decline as smartphones and tablets prove they can do the job more conveniently.)

You can read a digest of the report at Jon Peddie’s site. Alas, the full report will run you $3,500 to check out.

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