The 15 Best Android Games

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Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope, no stranger to success on iPhone, could formerly only be purchased via the Amazon App Store on Android devices -- but it's thankfully now available in the Android Market, too. Players tap and swipe at ropes and bubbles to guide a piece of candy to a hungry little critter named Om Nom. Three stars can be collected along the way for each level, adding that extra incentive for players to replay, and perfect each level. It's simple and quick enough that one level lasts mere seconds, but addicting enough that, before you know it, 20 levels pass you by along with the bus stop you needed to get off at.


Drop7 manages to mix together "falling block" and number-based puzzle games into one simple, irresistible mobile game. Sure, it lacks many of the features that other puzzle games on Android have, but it makes up for it in being a wholly unique and fun game on its own. Drop7 gives players discs, which they must drop into a grid. Each disc has a number, from one to seven, and that number indicates how many discs per row or column it must be in for it to disappear. The goal, of course, is to not allow the discs to stack up above the screen while racking up a high score. Drop7 is a strategic puzzle game in a minimalistic package, and one that is absolutely worth the download.

Game Dev Story / Lite

Game Dev Story is a game that puts players at the head of a small game studio with the task of finding and coordinating talented programmers and designers to produce hit video games. Even though each created game is nothing more than a title and genre, this retro-styled micro-management game has enough wit and charm to last a long time. Game Dev Story is a must-have for fans of the industry.

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