The 15 Best Android Games

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Grow / Free

Grow, by Epic Pixel, is similar to Jenova Chen’s indie game flOw, except with added layers of complexity and much more cute style. Players either tilt their phones, use an on-screen joystick, or poke at the screen to guide their circular fish-like creature to their prey, growing in size with each bite. The concept is simple, you can eat fish that are smaller than you, and be eaten by ones that are bigger. With the addition of power-ups, a variety of modes and 64 levels in seven different environments, Grow manages to do something flOw generally didn’t: stay refreshing for hours on end.

Nintaii / Lite

With relaxing music in a tempered atmosphere, Nintaii is a polished, serene puzzle game that at times feels almost trance-like. You’re given a long block that you must roll through narrow mazes, hitting an occasional switch. Without any time limits, Nintaii’s mild, simplistic design is attractive down to every detail. Swiping at the block to move and rotate it feels natural and accurate, and the game’s isometric 3D plane adds a little necessary depth. The presentation of Nintaii is worth checking out alone, and adds a little variety to your Android game catalog.


There’s something joyous about PopCap’s first entry on this list. Bright rainbows and fireworks paired with Ode to Joy is the strangest, most appropriate way to rewards players with beating a level in Peggle, which tasks players with shooting balls at colored pegs to make them disappear. The goal for every level is to clear every orange peg before running out of balls, which bounce from peg to peg, accumulating points along the way. Peggle is popular, and well-ported on a variety of systems, and Android is no different.

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