The 15 Best Android Games

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Plants vs. Zombies

A tower defense game at its best, PopCaps’ Plants vs. Zombies doesn’t overdo it with strategy, tactics, or any of the superficial add-ons that other tower defense games tack on to its base structure. Beating a level presents players with more challenges, and more tools to overcome those obstacles. What makes the game is its hilarious concept: players defend their house from (quite funny) zombies with, what else, a variety of plants that can attack them. Whether you’re planting pea-shooters or collecting sunshine, Plants vs. Zombies presents a perfect balance of strategy, action, and difficulty that keeps you coming back for more.

Pocket Racing / Lite

Pocket Racing is a top-down-style racing game that stands apart from others on the platform. Simple to learn, but tough-to-master controls has you touch one side of the screen to turn your car one way, and touch the other side to turn the other way. OpenFeint online leaderboards are a plus, but the ability to download ghosts of other racers’ best times and go head-to-head with them is an added bonus as well. Pocket Racing isn’t a “demanding” racing game, but is a perfectly fun one.

Prism 3D / Free

Prism 3D makes wonderful use of your Android device’s tilt sensors to control a constantly-bouncing ball along a path of tiles. The ball is bouncing from the background to the foreground, however, so players must get their bearings quickly and guide the ball through the level, hitting as many bonus tiles as they can. The game’s sound mechanics make you feel like it’s your fault if you miss a tile, which is sometimes to your advantage, as some tiles mess with the ease of play within the level. The labyrinth-like game does a few things really well, which makes it exactly worth the price.

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