The 15 Best Android Games

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Solipskier has players drawing a path for a skier to glide across, with the objectives being to keep the skier alive and to get the highest points possible. The fast-paced nature of this game makes getting a high score tricky, with points coming from passing through gates and well as jumping as high and far as possible. Jump through gates in mid-air also results in a speed boost, only adding to the already impossible-to-track speeds. Solipskier’s vibrant style, shredding guitar solo music sets this game apart from others on the platform, not to mention the welcome addition of online leaderboards.

Squibble / Lite

Held captive in a laboratory on an island, Squibble is an octopus-like creature looking to escape a mad scientist. Players swing and slingshot the little octopus from platform to platform, his sticky, stretchy tentacles gripping nearly any surface. Along the way, the octopus collects droplets of water throughout each level while dodging enemies, all in the name of getting a higher score for each area. This clever platformer is challenging and cute, and certainly worth a look for all players.

They Need to Be Fed

A game with an alluring, colorful style, They Need to Be Fed is a 360 degree platformer where players collect diamonds and jump into the mouths of cute-yet-ferocious monsters to feed them. Players cannot fall off the screen, but instead they gravitate to each platform, much like planets in Super Mario Galaxy. A ranking system for each level in addition to achievements makes this the Angry Birds of mobile platformers, where you’re guaranteed a chuckle with each addicting puzzle. Control-wise, the game keeps up well, and the touch-screen buttons never feel cumbersome, great for a mobile platformer.

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