The 15 Best iPhone Games

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3 | Infinity Blade

Epic Games' Infinity Blade is the first real game to utilize Unreal Engine technology on a handheld, and it's easily the most impressive looking game available on the iPhone. It actually plays quite similarly to Nintendo's Punch-Out series, albeit with gorgeous animation and RPG elements like the ability to buy new weapons and armor for your fighter. Blocking, slashing, and dodging blows is the cornerstone of the gameplay, and as you die, opponents simply become more and more difficult to finish off.

It's unbelievable that Infinity Blade runs as well as it does on a mobile phone, and hopefully it's a sign of more to come from Epic Games and other ambitious developers.

2 | Tiny Wings

A stellar example of minimalist video game design done right, Tiny Wings is a perfect storm of accessibility. One-touch gameplay that's easy to learn, but difficult to master; a charming, colorful palette that's constantly changing with each new game; and host to a seemingly endless array of diverse objectives that're always increasing in difficulty. There's a reason that German iOS dev Andreas Illinger's little-App-that-could has sold more than two million copies -– and we'll tell you what that reason is. Um, right after we wrap up this game.

1 | Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio may be a shameless tie-in for the computer animated movie Rio, but that doesn't detract from the quality that developer Rovio put into the game at all. Consider this sequel/expansion a vastly more polished version of the original Angry Birds, as you try to free your exotic feathered friends from captivity in all-new levels and puzzles. Sure, there's no war with the Green Pigs here, but the gameplay will still have you replaying level after level as you try to bust the feathered mascots free of their cages.

With all the updates added so far, Angry Birds Rio brings over 130 new levels to your iPhone, so expect to get comfortable as you try to aim the furious fowl at just the right angles to rack up the highest scores you possibly can.

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