Amazon Cancels Asus Transformer Prime Pre-Orders Due to Low Supply

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is in such high demand that even mega-retailer Amazon doesn’t have enough of these hot Android tablets to sell. Amazon has been canceling pre-orders that were placed on or after November 22, according to some customers.

Folks at the xda-developers forum have reported receiving e-mail from Amazon about their orders being canceled “due to a lack of availability from [its] suppliers” and the orders being erased from their order history pages. According to a few users around the web, Amazon has said it had to cancel because it could not guarantee delivery after Asus canceled part of the tablet shipment to Amazon.

Many pre-order customers are disappointed, to say the least. This quad-core tablet has been raking in rave reviews, thanks in large part to its keyboard docking station, which gives the Transformer Prime the laptop-like functionality. The Transformer Prime also boasts beefier specs than the iPad 2 and other Android tablets.

Those interested in ordering the Transformer will have to look at other retailers--BestBuy and GameStop are reportedly still taking pre-orders. Otherwise consumers may have to just wait until the tablet hits shelves on December 19, or perhaps consider an alternative tablet.

[via Engadget]

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