The 10 Best PSP Games

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Honorable Mentions:

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Retelling a story that most Final Fantasy fans are intimately familiar with, Crisis Core expands upon the story of FFVII in an RPG experience that provides a glimpse into the past of Zack, Sephiroth, Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris. Designed with a similar art style shared by the movie Advent Children, Crisis Core forgoes the blocky characters and still-frame environments of the PSOne title for full 3D animations and character models.

Wipeout Pulse
Fans of the series can agree that Wipeout Pulse brings a futuristic, polished theme to racing games that's unlike anything else. With a wide range of circuits and tracks set to a futuristic setting, it's still the best PSP racing game around. Thanks to the crisp visuals and solid music, when it comes to futuristic speed, you can't do much better than this.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
If Capcom's accomplished one thing with their Monster Hunter series, it's definitely the feeling of being a rugged adventurer, living off the land and collecting raw items and materials to get by. It may never be as popular in the United States as it is in Japan, but Freedom Unite remains a gem for PSP owners, albeit an undiscovered gem.

Burnout Legends
Electronic Arts has always prided the Burnout series on rampant destruction, and that's no different in Burnout Legends. Even though it's a PSP title, over 100 cars can unlocked over tons of modes like World Tour and Crash, and being the most haphazard driver on the road will only get you farther. If you prefer fender benders to force fields and missiles, this racer won't disappoint.

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
Even though it inspired more variations on Bejeweled-style combat than we can count, Puzzle Quest is still one of the best PSP games you can get, even so many years after the fact. Successfully mixing RPG character building with frantic pace of puzzle action, Puzzle Quest's intricate combat system goes way beyond simply matching the colors. If for some reason you haven't come across this game yet, feel free to hunt it down at your local store and get hopelessly addicted.

LocoRoco / LocoRoco 2
Interestingly, you don't really "control" the LocoRocos (the game's ridiculously cute little blobs) at all, but the environment that surrounds them. By turning the world itself upside down, you can move the ground around the LocoRocos as you tilt and manipulate levels in order to get them from one area to another. It's easy enough for casual players but provides plenty of difficult challenges as you progress to the later levels.

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