The 15 Best iPad Games

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12 | Real Racing 2

One of the most polished racing sims on the iPhone, Real Racing 2 builds upon the first installment with more cars, tracks, and races. Graphically, the game is stellar: races go by at a speedy framerate with realistic sound effects to boot. Control-wise, Real Racing 2 stays engaging by giving players the option to use the iPhone's accelerometer to steer your vehicle of choice (or, you can use easier control schemes to handle auto-acceleration or auto-braking in your car).

Aside from bumping up the vehicle count to 30 and including a deep career mode, Real Racing 2 also features substantial multiplayer challenges with offline time trials, 16-player online, and 8-player local matches -- plus global leaderboards.

Why It's Better on iPad: Steering your racing ride feels a lot more immersive with the larger screen, and since the iPad itself is bigger device than the iPhone or iPod, you might just feel like you're using an actual steering wheel.

11 | Contre Jour HD

An amazing physics-based puzzle platformer from Chillingo, Contre Jour stars the mysterious creature "Petit" as you poke, prod, and manipulate the environment around him to get the little critter from Point A to Point B. Sixty levels are packed into this atmospheric app, and over the course of time you'll spend with it, the eerie soundtrack will get stuck in your head. Hopefully, this inventive game will climb the rankings in our next round-up.

Why It's Better on iPad: All of the amazing artwork and level design just looks that much better in the HD version, as the textures and physics are given that extra coat of polish that the iPad's power provides.

10 | Rage HD

Rage HD was hotly anticipated upon its release, and we found its on-rails gameplay to be as equally awesome as its impressive visuals. The game's story has you as a contestant in a strange game show in which you must survive a gauntlet of angry mutants. It's a somewhat interesting setup, but in reality it just serves as an excuse to get you running through rooms while shooting as many dudes in the face as possible. The game is something of a tech demo for id Software's engine on the iPhone, but it also offers a decent enough chunk of shooting gallery gameplay to be worth its meager price point.

Once again, the iPhone 4 can give the graphics a little extra "oomph" due to the Retina Display and faster processor, so if you're not playing on iPad, the newest iPhone on hand is a solid substitute.

Why It's Better on iPad: Rage HD's graphics really benefit from the the iPad's superior hardware, and it's much, much easier to get a bead on enemies and target as you rail through the game.

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