Megaphone Is a Giant, Acoustic Horn for Your iPhone

[Photo: en&is]
If you’re in the market for an iPhone or iPod dock, there are a lot of factors to look at. Does it have a rechargeable battery? Can it plug-in to the wall? Does it have an AM/FM radio, a light up display, an alarm clock, a handle? If, you’re overwhelmed and you’re just looking for a giant acoustic horn, called the Megaphone might just be for you.

This non-powered, passive acoustic amplifier was designed and hand-crafted by Italian design firm en&is. Simply place your iPhone or iPod Touch at the top of the ceramic horn and it will boost the sound from your device’s speaker.

The Megaphone is a simple, charming, and all-so-ridiculous speaker system--unless you have get-togethers at your local mead hall. But as preposterous as a giant horn is these days, you have to admit you are smiling right now.

The Megaphone ranges from €399 ($540) for the black and white models to €599 ($800) for the gold version and can be bought directly from en&is.

[en&is via etre, curiosity counts, Laughing Squid]

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