20 Best U.S. Airports for Tech Travelers

10 Best U.S. Airports for Wi-Fi

20 Best U.S. Airports for Tech Travelers

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The average download speed of Wi-Fi in the nation's 40 busiest airports is a respectable 2.88 mbps. That figure is slightly misleading, however, as a small group of airports with very fast Wi-Fi significantly raised the average for the group. In truth, Wi-Fi service at most U.S. airports we visited was slower than 2 mbps, and at many it doesn’t even reach 1 mbps. We note that the fastest airport Wi-Fi is available in the southeastern region of the United States, and that three of the five fastest Wi-Fi services in the country are free.

AIRPORT Average download (mbps) Average upload (mbps) Price (per 24 hours) Wi-Fi service provider
1 Raleigh-Durham 13.62 9.38 $7.49 AT&T
2 Charlotte 11.54 13.72 Free Airport
3 Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood 11.02 7.25 Free Airport
4 Cleveland 8.01 6.68 Free Airport
5 Baltimore-Washington 6.47 2.44 $7.95 Boingo
6 Seattle-Tacoma 5.66 4.45 Free Airport
7 Dallas-Ft. Worth 3.73 3.87 $7.99 T-Mobile
8 New York (JFK) 3.21 2.74 $7.95 Boingo
9 Nashville 2.79 2.87 $7.95 Boingo
10 New York (LaGuardia) 2.78 2.83 $7.95 Boingo

CHART NOTES: Rankings are based on the average Wi-Fi download speed airport-wide. mbps = megabits per second.

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