GeekBytes: Second Moons and Lunchbox Comics

Prepare to be left starry-eyed in the December 21st edition of GeekBytes. Today, we look at a possible second moon for Earth, some of the most adorable comics ever created, and a musical Kickstarter project.

Earth May Have Two Moons

Yes, that's right: According to research paper The population of natural Earth satellites, at various intervals the Earth gets a second moon. Well, kind of. Sadly, these second "moons" are a lot smaller than the moon we know and love--the only one recorded was just a "few meters" long. Still it's very, very interesting that the Earth is capable of temporarily pulling in irregular satellites and causing them to orbit. [via Gizmodo]

Father and Son Create Cute Comics, in Lunchboxes

This has to be the cutest blog ever. Wandermonster is a blog dedicated to the comics created by Rob Kimmel and his eight-year-old son, Ben. But these are no ordinary comics. Rob begins the drawing on a sheet of paper each day, and puts it in his son's lunchbox to complete. Since Ben was a Kindergartener, the pair undertaken the sketches, and the results are a pleasure to scroll through, from sock worm witches to evil high-five ghost arms. [via io9]

Kernel Sources Dropped For Various HTC Phones

Android tinkerers rejoice: HTC is now giving you the source code for eight of its handsets. Among the few are the Desire S, Incredible S and Explorer. So start creating some cool hacks for the masses! Don't forget, if you create an awesome Android hack of some variety, GeekTech would love to hear from you. [via Android Central]

Add Synth Music to Your Project With AvecSynth

Looking for a way of adding high-quality homemade audio to a microcontroller project you are working on? Look no further than Kickstarter project, AvecSynth. Using Arduino and a MIDI synthesizer, Keith Williams created a kit capable of picking up a keyboard or sequencer and transforming it into great music, via the Arduino interface. AvecSynth even has a place new synth musicians can upload their work and license it, royalty-free.

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